Classy fry-up

Classy fry-up
Classy fry-up

I love a good fry-up for lunch especially after a heavy night.

A lovely smoked bacon is key, preferably grilled, but a grill pan works just as well. No oil or butter needed, let it cook in its own fat.

It used to get a bit hot and stressful cooking all these things at once before I started keeping things warm in the oven. Now its a nice calm mission, cooking each item as you like.

Fresh tomatoes dressed with sprigs of thyme and grilled alongside the bacon.

Mushrooms fried in butter and peppered with pepper (sorry).

Beans are optional and possibly push the whole thing over the edge.

Fresh bread toasted.

And of course eggs anyway you like but we like ’em fried in butter with a touch of chilli powder or even saffron.

Ah, I feel alive again.