Prawns, avocado & rocket on sourdough bread

One favourite sandwich recipe to celebrate Food Revolution Day.

Prawn avocado & rocket on sourdough
Prawn avocado & rocket on sourdough

A nice combination and apparently one of the most popular sandwiches. I bought the prawns already cooked and marinated in a lime and coriander sauce.

The prawns were big and juicy and absolutely delicious alongside the ripe avocado and spicy rocket. The sourdough bread allows each and every flavour to come through for a delectable knockout.

There is a concern that the prawns are imported from Thailand. Is it a vain hope that the industry is not as exploitative as it’s portrayed in the news and that the supermarkets keep a close eye on working conditions and environmental consequences.

Check the Environmental Justice Foundation website for details on the real price of prawns and let’s make sure our enjoyment doesn’t come at a price.