Keep calm and eat arepas!

Chicken & avocado arepas
Chicken & avocado arepa

Another delightful treat in Friday’s Lyric Square food market in Hammersmith – all the way from Venezuela this time, the Guasacaca crew serve up a tropical storm.

Move over burrito, the arepa is here! Spicy fillings of beef, chicken or pork, stuffed into a grilled corn flatbread (the arepa) with some black beans and topped with cheese and the kick-ass avocado sauce. Just loving that grilled cornbread flavour!

The avocado sauce provides the name Guasacaca (pronounced Wah-sa-caca), which is the Venezuelan version of guacamole, combining avocado with fresh parsley and coriander, green pepper, onion, garlic, salt, oil and vinegar.

The Guasacaca crew
The Guasacaca crew

A tasty lunchtime treat for just £5 and served with a friendly smile.

Follow the Gausacaca crew on Facebook or Twitter and find out which food market they’ll be at next – it’s definitely worth it.