Possibly the worst supermarket in Britain

Well, according to a blog powered by Tumblr, the worst Tesco’s on Earth is in Haggerston.

Half-empty shelves in a supermarket

The blogger – in a caring sharing kind of way – posts photos of half-empty shelves, random baskets of pickled onions in aisles, bizarre or inappropriate item pairing on shelves. And he is inviting contributions too.

I’m guessing a change of management is in the offing, but if there’s one bad egg, I’m sure there’s many more among all the supermarket chains and franchises out there.

Feel free to send pics and links here!

Worst Place on EarthWalked in this morning and can you adam and eve it, they’ve actually hire a team of staff and the place is full. I actually laughed out loud when I walked around in amazement. Great blog, great job. THE OLD WAYS OF CHAOS ARE BROWN BREAD (DEAD).

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