Eating marathon!

Alexi Duggins tackles a plate of ribs (Photo: Rob Greig)
Alexi Duggins tackles a plate of ribs
(Photo: Rob Greig)

Just watching yesterday’s London marathon made me exhausted if not ravenous, so I was delighted to see the next best thing – a food marathon. Over 10 weeks, Alexi Duggins will be eating the equivalent of 26,000 calories with one challenge a week.

These include eating:

  • 1.1 kilos of ribs and 400g of fries to break the existing record of 11m 53 seconds @ Porky’s, Camden
  • a jalapeño filled burger, jalapeño-coated chilli dog and chilli-cheese fries submerged with (you guessed it) jalapeños. In ten minutes @ Meat Liquor
  • a two-foot long sausage roll within a five-minute time limit @ the County Arms, Wandsworth
  • two pork knuckles, a huge pile of chips and sauerkraut, plus two pints of lager @ the Octoberfest Pub, Fulham
  • four large breakfast fry-ups in 45 minutes @ the Wonder Café, Uxbridge
  • a jumbo shepherd’s pie in 20 minutes @  The Pride of Paddington pub
  • six chicken wings coated in Naga Viper chilli sauce in 10 minutes – apparently the sauce is so hot, you have to wear gloves and sign a waiver beforehand. No water allowed. @  Red Dog Saloon, Hoxton
  • a gigantic, two-kilo calzone stuffed with mozzarella, goats’ cheese, ham, olives and sun-dried tomatoes @ Amici Restaurant, Holloway
  • Three 1.5lb burgers with BBQ pulled pork, a double portion of chips and two pints of Meantime London Pale Ale within one hour @ the Thirsty Bear pub, Blackfriars
  • a 7lb burger containing 1/2lb of cheddar, seven rashers of bacon, plus 1lb of chips and a milkshake containing two scoops of ice-cream @ Black’s Burgers, Croydon

All these challenges are open to anyone with prizes ranging from a free meal to a free t-shirt – I like the look of the 7lb burger. It’s never been done! Whoa.

Good luck with your challenge, Alexi. We’ll be following you on