What’s it all about?


I’m a writer and web designer who loves eating, especially that meal called lunch. In all its lovely guises, whether it be a quick sandwich or a long, self-indulgent, alcohol-fuelled “advertisers’ lunch”, I can’t get enough lunches in my life.

Inspired by comments from friends and colleagues about my lunchtime creations and adventures, I began this little blog. I started it thinking it would be pretty tame, rather lame. Who would want to read about my lunch? However, as I began posting and writing, I realised what a huge part of my life and everyone’s life, lunch and food are.  It obviously gets us through the day.

I was also impressed by the social repercussions of this relatively innocuous meal of the day. I’ve always considered the ethical and environmental consequences of the food we eat, but when I began thinking about the huge mass production of sandwiches and food, you start to really question and think about what’s involved.

And what really fires me is thinking about what different cultures and people from all over the world  are eating for lunch. I’m curious to know, I would love to know, what someone from Peru eats for lunch. Or how about Borneo? Or Iceland? Ireland? Romania? Senegal? Nicaragua? Iran?

I have travelled extensively, but even though you do sample the local fayre of where you are, a lot of the time you eat what you’re familiar with. Having said that, I’ve enjoyed a whole range of foods – cous cous in Morocco, whitebait in New Zealand, sea urchins in Corsica (well, that was more of a challenge), falafel in Israel, burgers in the USA, fish and chips in England, Ugali and tomato sauce in Tanzania.

Of course, nowadays, a few of us are lucky to be able to sample foods from all over the world without leaving our doorstep (or a visit to a big supermarket), and London, my current location is a fantastic example of the myriad different tastes from all over the globe.

As this site progresses over time, I hope people from all over the world will register and join in the discussion. I would like to develop the site into a credible (or at least colourful) resource for people’s lunches from around the world.

Times may be tough but food can be one of the few daily pleasures left in the world.

I hope you’ll join me in sharing your lunch.