Share your lunch

Welcome to Roll On Lunch, the best place to share what you had for lunch. Ultimately the idea is to have a fun, insightful and inspiring  place to indulge (or possibly avoid) what people are having for lunch all over the world. This is one reason why we have included maps on the website.

You are obviously encouraged to register and you can choose what kind of updates you would like to receive. Hopefully over the next year, we’ll be rolling out a monthly newsletter to subscribers.

We are always on the look out for contributors too. There’s no or little financial gains, but the hours and effort needed are minimal, and more importantly it’s great fun and very rewarding to share your lunch with the world.

We are looking at developments at the wonderful Food Spotting website. They have created a fun environment to share dishes, mainly from restaurants, but there’s nothing to stop people posting pictures of homemade delights. We have started a guide to lunchtime treats – please join in the fun.

Of course, feel free to Like the Roll On Lunch page on Facebook or follow Roll On Lunch on Twitter. Or just drop us a line with your thoughts or suggestions.