Prawns, avocado & rocket on Vogel’s soya & linseed bread

Apologies for the blurry photo – I must’ve been too hungry to focus!

A change of bread type was one of my better decisions. Choosing the right bread is often tricky, particularly when there is quite a range but sometimes not always a good range. My wife has problems eating food containing wheat or gluten, so I also have an understanding of the question marks over bread and its potentitally unhealthy effects.

However, I’d find it particularly difficult to give up bread, though there are some good non-wheat alternatives out there, mainly rye breads. Some of the gluten-free white breads are £$”%ing disgusting and I won’t go near them or their kin such as pizza bases.

Vogel’s is a bread made in New Zealand and thankfully imported into the UK. It is made from natural ingredients with no additives and is deliciously moist and tasty. My wife, a Kiwi, started having problems with wheat when she came over to the UK – there is a suspicion that it is something to do with how the flour is processed here.

Oh, and the cheese! I decided that I’d treat myself to an interesting cheese once a week. For about £2, you can get a packet of nice crackers and a piece of cheese to last and, if I’ve had a big lunch, it can be a tasty mid-afternoon snack.