Are you missing lunch?

Missing: 30-60 minutes in the middle of the day to take a break from work and indulge in eating and drinking and possibly other fun pursuits like chatting, walking and/or exercising.

This has exactly what’s it been like for the last few months. Lunch breaks consisting mostly of grabbing a pre-made sandwich nearby and then eating at the desk while feverishly trying to finish projects for upcoming deadlines.
Green bag with the words "Lunch is back on the menu"
Found: A break in the middle of the day
No more! Lunch is back on the menu! (Thanks for the inspiration, M & $).
And as you may have noticed, I’ve added a page to Roll On Lunch for tasty morsels of thoughts, rants, ideas, experiences, whatever, just quick adds for those times when more elaborate articles need more time.
Roll On Lunch also welcomes on board talented writers and food connoisseurs:
  • Hugh Moss – the world-renowned expert on dips, tips and the simple pleasures in life
  • Faye Lafel  – a heavyweight gourmet who knows a good thing when she eats it
  • Sam Widge – a self-confessed addict for the ordinary day-to-day delights of culinary perfection.