Mrs Y enjoys shakshuka
Mrs Y enjoys shakshuka

I actually think this dish initially mentioned in a earlier post on Eggs Benedict deserves a post all of its own.

Mrs Y seemed to be enjoying it too much so I only had a taste, yet the flavours are still lingering in my memory. It is apparently a hugely popular dish in Israel/Palestine but there is some controversy over its origins, whether Turkey, Morocco, Libya, or Yemen, quite probably spread through movements of Jewish communities across North Africa.

Shakshuka means “all mixed up” in Hebrew and there are numerous recipes across the Web. It seems a tomato and pepper sauce and eggs are the key ingredients but there are many variations and therefore lots of experimentation and tastes to explore.

A few recipes that stood out in my search are:

Or why not just watch the “Doctor” in action courtesy of this video from

We have to give this a try. It definitely reminds me of one of my favourite Moroccan tagine dishes – Kefta Mkaouara (Spicy Egg, Meatball and Tomato Tagine) – but that’s for another time.