Controversial food number one – Foie gras

Fois gras


Fois gras with Monbazillac sweet wine

When a guest in Paris for Christmas and enjoying food and drink, it’s pretty easy to come across French delicacies which are the subject of ethical questions. One of the most well-known is foie gras, the specially fattened liver of force-fed ducks and geese. The practice does sound horrendous and yet offered the jar of the innocent-looking pâté, I could not refuse a taste. Once you have a bite of foie gras smothered on toast or fresh bread and then washed down with a good sweet wine (a Monbazillac is recommended), it’s near impossible not to have more and put any ethical considerations to the side. It is one of the most sublime taste sensations and quite moreish and I can start to understand why the French are ready to be so merciless in their pursuit of this divine taste.

I came across an interesting book on the subject which is available on Google Books – The Foie Gras Wars by Mark Caro.

Have you given up a delicious food or delicacy because of the way it is produced?